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At Jones Motor Company, prevention is definitely better than any cure. We pride ourselves on providing mechanically sound and robust products that have been maintained in accordance with the manufactures service schedule where ever possible. That said as vehicles are after all mechanical, we offer a standard, totally free 3 month parts and labour warranty on all vehicles.

There is also the option to purchase a more comprehensive product up to a period of 3 years at an addition cost. Please see below for a detailed overview of all products and services available.

Mapfre Abraxas Warranty
Mapfre Abraxas Warranty:

Whilst reliability of vehicles has improved over the years, they are made up of thousands of parts which can and do sometimes go wrong. That's where a reliable extended warranty can give your customers long-term, peace of mind motoring reducing the worry of potentially costly repairs.

Our Black & White Warranty range is designed to be stand alone or to dovetail with the manufacturer's warranty programme and your own stock profile.

Everything we offer is built around simplicity, quality, clarity and trust:

Black & White Warranty - this is our 'All Mechanical, All Electrical' product that provides comprehensive cover for your customers. Our Black & White Warranty Plus even covers components that have failed due to Wear & Tear. Standard benefits include diagnostics cover even on non valid claims, vehicle recovery, European cover, vehicle hire, emergency accommodation and travel expenses. Customers can make as many claims as necessary up to a total of the vehicle purchase price.

Black & White Component Cover - this is our 'Named Component' cover designed for higher mileage, older vehicles. The standard version has a broad range of covered components but we also have our 'Extra' version that offers an extended parts covered list. Standard benefits include vehicle recovery, vehicle hire, emergency accommodation and travel expenses - with diagnostics and European cover available on the 'Extra' version. Generous claim limits apply up to a total of the vehicle purchase price.

Black & White Service - this provides all of the same benefits as our Black & White Component Cover Extra product but it has been designed specifically for the Aftersales customer. It allows the Aftersales department to carry out a Periodic Maintenance Inspection (PMI) on the vehicle before it is covered and gives dealers another chance to promote warranty if it was not taken out at point-of-sale or if existing cover has expired.

None of our warranty products have betterment clauses either, as we think they are unfair.